SIMCom Online Summit “5G accelerates economic growth, Cat. 1 help to deploy New IoT” Is Held Successfully

On May 20, SIMCom Online Summit “5G accelerates economic growth, Cat. 1 help to deploy New IoT” was held successfully as scheduled. It was attended by SIMCom CEO Yang Tao, EVP Li Yongsheng, VP Luo Xiaoyan and other core senior management members. With participation and support from CAICT, Qualcomm, China Mobile OneNET, GSMA, ASR Microelectronic, Sunnyway Technology, Ayla Networks, and other allies and media in the industry, the summit attracted more than 2,000 people to attend.

SIMCom CEO Yang Tao first shared SIMCom’s comprehensive strategic plan. Mr. Yang said that 2020 is a golden year for the development of 5G-based IoT. With the deployment of new capital construction in China, IoT will have a rapid development. 2020 is also a team building and branding year for SIMCom. As an old brand with 18 years of vitality, SIMCom has topnotch talents who have been leading development and innovation in the module industry. 2020 will be a big year for SIMCom. SIMCom will continue to inject fresh blood, deepen product planning, increase investment in research and development. SIMCom wants to build win-win cooperation with customers.

In 5G Era, NB-IoT, 4G (LTE cat.1) and 5G will develop in a coordinated way. Deputy Chief Engineer Mr. Shi Denian from CAICT said that new capital construction proposed in China can effectively boost technological innovations and breakthroughs, and contribute to the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. It determines China’s level of innovation and quality of economic development, and supports the construction of a modern economic system. New capital construction will also be a key support for the development of digital economy.

Qualcomm senior product manager Yang Siyun shared, in the future, 5G will be as ubiquitous as electricity, becoming a universal technology that will build billions of connections and create a new world. Qualcomm is working with partners to promote 5G. As is one of the first partners to receive Qualcomm 5G Licenses, SIMCom has maintained close cooperation with Qualcomm for a long time. SIMCom has launched NR modem-Snapdragon X55-based SIM8200EA-M2 and SIM8200G, which is 3G/4G/5G multimodes and supports 5G NR sub-6ghz frequency band at the same time. They can be used in CPE, video surveillance, industrial gateways, intelligent vehicle-mounted devices and other fields. 8300G-M2 that supports MMW is coming soon.

China Mobile OneNET Module Department’s deputy general manager Li Wei said ,by the end of 2020, universal coverage of NB-IoT networks should be achieved in major urban areas at and above county level and deep coverage should be achieved in importation regions; the number of IoT connections should reach 1.2 billion; the price of NB-IoT modules should approach that of 2G modules; new IoT terminals should upgrade to NB-IoT and Cat1.

With favorable policies and stimulating demand, Cat.1 and NB-IoT will usher in a boom. Mr. Feng Zilong, senior director of research and development of ASR, said that Cat.1 is gaining momentum; ASR will continue to launch a full range of most cost-effective chip solutions. SIMCom has long been ready for Cat.1,it has recently launched the minimal module series A7670X, which are compatible with 2G/3G/NB and can realize seamless upgrades, as well as the module series A7600X-xx, which cater to the needs of specific customer segments and effectively save costs. In addition, recently SIMCom SIM7600A has got certified by Rogers and successfully earned the permit to enter the Canadian market.

For this summit, we also invited Ayla Networks CEO Mr. Liu Yulong. He mentioned that Ayla Networks was founded in 2010. It is a global agile AIoT platform originated from Silicon Valley in the United States and rooted in China. With research and development centers in five continents and world-leading cloud services, Ayla Networks is the first to construct an AloT 15+ N product optimization ecological platform. Following a strict quality control and delivery system, it helps global users achieve risk-free, development-free, short-time, personalized, high-standard quick completion of AloT products and industry one-stop cloud + terminal solutions. SIMCom is an important cloud + module strategic partner of Ayla Networks.

SIMCom EVP Li Yongsheng said SIMCom has developed complete and rich product lines to meet different needs of customers. NB-IoT SIM7070G and SIM7020G modules significantly reduce the standby power consumption of IoT and improve the sensitivity and coverage of signal reception. NB-IoT SIM7070G and SIM7020G have been extensively applied in fields such as smart water meters, smart gas meters, electric vehicle monitoring, and continuously penetrating pipe network monitoring, power grid circuit breakers and other industries. SIM7020G has been certified by T-mobile, making its scope of application further expanded. At the same time, Mr. Li said that IoV is the most promising application scenario with the development of 5G. SIMCom’s vehicle-mounted modules, from the original SIM7800 to the current 5G+C-V2X SIM8200X, performance has been continuously improved and optimized. In terms of smart modules, SIMCom provides different levels of smart modules, including entry-level SIM8905X and SIM8906X, multifunctional SIM8950LH, and higher-level SIM8980X.

Antennas are indispensable for modules to transmit and receive data. The summit also invited the famous IoT antenna supplier Sunnyway Technology to share their 5G module antenna design. Sunnyway Technology CTO Zhou Yunfeng said that 5G further broadens the frequency band on the basis of 4G, so 5G requires more antennas than 4G; 4G adopts main antenna & diversity antenna design, while 5G adopts MIMO design. The number of antennas has greatly increased. Therefore, the positions and shapes of antennas need careful design to achieve good effect.

At last, SIMCom VP Luo Xiaoyan shared SIMCom’s key to success over the past 18 years. Solid strengths, unremitting efforts and 18 years of persistence have forged today’s SIMCom. At present, SIMCom owns 3 research & development bases, more than 50% of research & development personnel, 15+ years of research & development experience and world-class experimental equipment. With the help of new technology, SIMCom is sure to win a new future.

For more info, please visit SIMCom Official Website

Portable Sink Rentals For Large Events – Why to Rent Portable Sinks For Outdoor Events

Portable sinks can be rented for use at large events and are an excellent accompaniment to portable toilets. Certain portable sinks are made as units with several hand sanitizer dispensers, and other sinks actually contain two reservoirs, one which is full of clean water, and the other which holds the used water. The portable sinks which contain water are typically equipped with soap dispensers and are controlled by a foot lever which can be stepped on to pump water. As the hands are washed, the used water flows through to used water reservoir.

These sinks can be placed adjacent to portable toilets at large events which do not contain sinks as an encouragement to be sanitary and wash the hands thoroughly. Movable sinks are also great for other large events, such as parties or a busy season at a petting zoo. Animals at a petting zoo are usually quite dirty, and as a sanitary precaution for young children who usually attend petting zoos for events and parties, portable sinks can be set up at a station where everyone can wash their hands to optimize health and safety practices. A movable sink is also a good feature for a children’s party, fair, or festival which features arts and crafts as an activity. Messy paints and glues which end up on the hands of children can be hard to get off with sanitary wipes. A portable sink placed in a central location does help keep everyone’s hands clean, and to keep messy paint hand prints off of the walls and furniture on the way to indoor bathroom sinks.

Catered events are another place where outdoor portable hand washing sinks come in very handy. It is important that food is cooked and handled in a sanitary manner. Certain large catered events are held outdoors where access to sinks is not readily available, and this is where portable sinks can come in very handy. For large events which require a lot of chefs and caterers to be handling food items, movable sinks placed around the area where the food is being prepared encourages everyone to stay sanitary.

Why Tactical Gear Backpacks Are Great For Outdoor Trips

I love the outdoors and so do many others. If I were to ask what are the top 3 must-have items a camper should have, I am sure that backpacks, especially tactical gear backpacks, will not be on the list. However, I believe that along with a multi-tool, LED flashlight and a good pair of boots, good backpacks are very important to those who like the outdoors.

I prefer tactical backpacks for the simple fact that thy are more rugged than usual outdoor backpacks. I have two models of tactical gear backpacks for close to 4 years now and there are no signs of wear and tear. I have used them for various outdoor trips, some lasting up to 6 weeks. They have been through all sorts of weather and have come out almost unscathed.

The reason I switched to tactical backpacks in the first place was because the supposedly durable backpacks I used to own came apart during a 3-week hiking expedition. The backpack was just over a year old then. I guess I should have taken a hint when the inner lining began to tear and the shoulder straps began to fray.

Many tactical gear backpacks come with loads of compartments with strong side walls or separators. The one I have has a hydration bladder pouch which makes taking a sip while on the go a cinch. Normal backpacks come with plastic or thin polyester side walls which can be easily damaged by sharp objects. The walls in the normal backpack I had, gave way at the seams because it just could not handle the strain.

Having loads of compartments makes it easier to store as well as to find your stuff and compression straps helps keep things in place. Some backpacks even come with PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) webbing or grid system which allows you to attach equipment or modular pouches to the backpack.

Military backpacks just look downright cool, in my opinion. But if you are not one for a huge mountain ruck, you could get an ultra thin model for shorter journeys. Many military backpacks now come in different colors although I have yet to see one in pink.

Before you purchase a best tactical backpack, make sure it comes with a lifetime warranty. I will be the first to admit that good quality backpacks do not come cheap. So, for the money you pay, it is best to ensure that you get only the best for what you pay for. And from experience, the better ones come with a lifetime warranty.


Running Fun With Five Finger Shoes

Five Finger Shoes

Five Finger Shoes

Recently a relative started running. He jumped in and has not looked back yet. Up to six miles a day, he is feeling better, eating healthier and has dropped twenty six pounds. With him running the discussion of footwear came up. The new craze is a type of shoe called Five Fingers. They are designed for a more natural fit that encourages better foot position naturally. Being a bigger guy he was a bit nervous to try them because so far his Asics were working fine but he agreed to try them.

Five Finger shoes are meant to be worn without orthotic inserts, without socks. They are meant to be worn against runner’s bare feet to allow the foot to move like it would naturally. It is not a shoe that you can jump right into wearing. This is especially true for flat footed individuals and individuals with extreme arches. As a runner works into wearing the shoes the muscles in the foot will adapt and strengthen. This will help with the adjustment period.

Fortunately our guinea pig was anxious to start trying his out. The first week of training in the Five Fingers he ran only ten minutes in them. He claimed his feet were killing him after each use but new that some adjustment was going to take place and continued with the break in phase. By the end of the week and into the second week the muscles were building strength and his lower legs and feet were beginning to lessen in pain. He was still not completing his normal six miles just wearing the new shoes but was building up the tolerance.

Reading online people tend to work into their Five Finger shoes at different paces. Some can completely switch in a few weeks while others take months to break their foot into the shoes. Once an individual feels their endurance, muscle strength improve the results will be worth however long they have waited for it. The increase foot and body strength will be noticeable and the shoes will be the ones getting the credit.

There are certain people that should not venture into the world of Five Finger footwear including people who use orthotics in their footwear, those with extreme pronation and individuals with webbed feet. The shoe manufacturer does not have a way to manufacturer this shoe to meet the specific needs of individual client’s feet. It is best if a runner does have some issues that require orthotics or have extreme pronation, under or over mention the interest in these new shoes to a foot doctor first. As with any product it is not a one size fits all.

Our family was fortunate as we got to see our runner cross the line of his first five kilometer race wearing his new shoes. What started out as a trend to try turned into a runner falling in love with this bare foot style running method. Our family actually caught him wearing them around out at the grocery store.


Tactical Wear for Law Enforcement

Tactical Uniforms for Law Enforcement Officers has become a booming business. Because of modern fabric innovations, Tactical Shirts & Pants have become specialized. Increasing durability while maintaining a professional appearance, Tactical Law Enforcement Uniforms look great and perform seamlessly from the briefing room to the street. The word tactical, meaning of or relating to combat tactics, breaks down what is needed out of law enforcement uniforms as they have evolved over the years, a professional and creased look after hours at a desk or under the stress of forces employed at the battlefront.
Tactical Apparel products are particularly intended to hold up to the extreme stress of dangerous situations and special operations. Tactical pants must address all aspects of law enforcement duty, from cold and windy weather to sweltering heat, and from tactical assignments to desk work. This category covers a variety of specialty accessories, outerwear, trousers, shirts and polo-style shirts. There are many companies specializing in making the top of the line in Tactical Police Uniforms. The police uniforms rated highest only use the best material, such as High Performance Stretch Poly/Combed Cotton Twill Blends, providing enhanced comfort, mobility, and extended wear.
Extensive fabric selection and new developments in high performance Police Apparel, and cutting edge fabric enhancements are now available in top-of the line brands, like the 5.11 Tactical Series and the Tru-Spec 24-7 Series. Companies make Tactical Police Officer’s Uniforms more advanced with more features than ever before. These enhancements offer increased comfort along with conveniences like stain and fluid resistance, making Class B Tactical Gear the best choice in Police Gear and Apparel. Tactical Uniforms, including Tactical Pants, Tactical Shirts, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Tactical accessories feature materials with tight sewing tolerances, patterning, and the newly available advantage stretch™ material providing matchless vigorous movement and mobility, vital to use in real-world scenarios. The wide performance range makes Law Enforcement Tactical Apparel appropriate from the conference to the pursuit while keeping a professionally cleaned and pressed look.

What is Electrical Hazard Safety Shoes?

Shoes that provide full safety and protection to your worker’s feet are really important. A lot of feet injuries can happen if you don’t wear safety shoes or electrical safety shoes. Most importantly, if the working site has a huge probability of any kind of accidents happening then safety shoes are a must. People mostly use slip-resistant shoes to avoid any kind of slippery incident. But there are industries, where workers need special shoes which can protect them from electricity. And that is the reason, an electrical hazard safety system was invented. It usually helps you to understand which shoe is shock resistant and which will back out in case of any electrical hazard.
An overview of electrical safety shoes
Shoes which are called electrical hazard safety shoes or EH rated shoes are basically, thoroughly tested for their protection against electrocution. This testing is done by the American Society of Testing and Material. The American Society of Testing and Material provides a label inside the safety shoe showing whether it is electrical hazard safety shoe or not. The soles of electrical safety shoes are thickly insulated and that is why they tend to inhibit the flow of electricity. These shoes can protect you from up to 600 volts of shock in a dry setting.
Why it is mandatory for people working near open wires to wear electrical hazard safety shoes? Workers with jobs as electricians, linesmen, industrial engineers, maintenance workers, construction workers and a lot of other professions. There are some really good slip-resistant shoes available which also are electrical hazard rated, provided dual safety to the workers.
Anti-static shoes are also available in the market. These are mainly designed for workers who work in an environment sensitive to static electricity. Anti-static shoes banish the stacking of static electricity from the body and also provide a good level of resistance to electrical hazards from live wires. The non-conductive shoes are tagged as EH whereas anti-static are tagged as ESD or SD. Leather safety shoes also come under the category of Anti-static shoes.
As you know, it is really important to protect your employees in electric and volatile environments, you need to select the right pair of shoes for them to stay safe. It will obviously enhance their performance if they are comfortable in the shoes they are wearing and are super confident about the safety features they come with. Also, if the shoe doesn’t fit comfortably the workers could face an unsafe situation. A shoe expert once said –
If you’re not comfortable, it makes you pay attention to your feet instead of paying attention to what you’re doing. And that doesn’t sound like the right thing to do at work. So, along with keeping your workers safe and protected from any hazardous situation, also keep them focused by providing the perfect shoes to wear.
Tactical Boots are essential tactical gear. Sand or rain, hot or cold, whether you are standing, marching, or running, you need to count on your boots to keep you focused on the mission. Nothing beats the best military combat boots that professionals rely upon every day when needs foot care and management. Tactical World Store is a company specializing in selling professional tactical gear. We dedicated to provide the highest quality Military Tactical Boots for law enforcement, military, security, fire, EMS, postal, public transportation.

Litter-Robot Automatic Cat Litter Box – New Product Announcements

Litter-Robot is in my opinion, the best self-cleaning cat litter box that is available. Other automatic cat litter boxes such as Litter Maid and Cat Genie, work, but not as well and not as consistently as the Litter-Robot. I have met people personally who have been using their Litter-Robot for over five years with absolutely no problems. Litter-Robot lives up to consumer expectations better than most electronic products available today.

Recently, there have been new product announcements by the Litter-Robot manufacturer. The new Gray Litter-Robot is partially made from 100% recycled plastic. That is, 84% of its total plastic volume uses the recycled kind. This keeps plastic out of landfills and saves energy over making plastic from scratch.

Also, there is a new « bubble globe ». The bubble globe has a see-through window at the back that adds light to the litter surface. In other words, kitty can see what he is doing more easily and he can look out while he does his business. The bubble globe adds 3″ more depth, so it may not be for everyone. The bubble globe may be purchased separately so one may upgrade their Litter-Robot if they already own one.

In addition, the manufacturer has added several new accessories. The first new accessory is a cardboard scratch ramp. The ramp encourages scratching, while providing easy entry into the Litter-Robot, which can be essential for aging cats. It also catches a large amount of litter if the cat happens to kick litter out of the entry hole.

There is also an optional lip extender. The lip extender protrudes out the entry hole to catch kicked litter. The lip extender can also host the litter fence, another new accessory. The litter fence also helps trap litter. The cat simply steps over the fence to enter the Litter-Robot.

The Litter-Robot comes with a carbon filter and odor seal. Consumers may want to replace these parts from time to time. These are also available from the manufacturer.


Top 5 Tactical Gear Items For Law Enforcement

There is no doubt that our police, SWAT, and other law enforcement agencies are constantly put in harms way on a daily basis. This is why it is critical that all safety personnel be equipped with the right tactical gear. While there are several items that law enforcement will want to make sure they possess, below is a list of the top 5 tactical gear items that are a must.

First on the list is a quality tactical boot. When most people think of tactical boots they think « heavy ». This is just the opposite of what you want. A good, quality tactical boot will be light and have almost a runner’s feel. Law enforcement have to be ready to sprint at all times and can’t be held back by a heavy boot, even one with a composite safety toe. Also, your boots should be waterproof and ideally bloodborne pathogen resistant. For easy access you may want to purchase a tactical boot with a side zip and always get a boot that has at least one compartment for a tactical knife or other pertinent gear.

That brings me to my second item; tactical knives. Choose from a fixed blade or folding blade but whatever you choose make sure you have one on your person. The need will arise often for a knife in both tactical and non tactical situations. For extremely quick access you may want to get a knife that includes a breakaway neck chain.

Third, is a back-up belt system kit. In law enforcement you will need all of the following pouches: A cuff pouch, a gun holster, baton pouch, Mace/flashlight pouch and a double magazine pouch. All of these pouches are essential to your everyday routine and safety.

Fourth, is the TDU belt in which to carry all of these items. Don’t just go with any belt. You need an Operators belt that can be used for things other than keeping your pants up or carrying your pouches. While all that is extremely important and you need a good holster belt make sure that your belt is made with super strong nylon mesh material in case you come across the need to use it has an emergency/rescue piece of equipment.

Lastly, is the gun holster itself. In the line of duty you must be safe and fast. While there are many to choose from, I believe those activated by the thumb are the safest and fastest. Choose one that also has the removable Chop Block feature as this prevents others from removing your gun during a weapon retention struggle.

Tactical World Store is a company specializing in selling professional tactical gear. We dedicated to provide the highest quality tactical gear and supply for law enforcement, military, security, fire, EMS, postal, public transportation. Mainly including Military Tactical Boots, Tactical Clothing, Tactical Backpack, Tactical Pants, Tactical Flashlights and more. Shop an extensive selection of tactical supplies and brands, competitive prices, 24/7 responsive customer service, fast deliveries.

3 Essential Tactical Gear To Have For Long Paint Ball Sessions

I not only use tactical gear for paintball games, I also use them when I travel or go on adventure hikes. Believe me when I tell you that they can sure take a beating. Tactical gear is not only used by the military. It is also used by the police and other law enforcement agencies.

Reliable and tough law enforcement gear is crucial in helping ensure that missions go as planned, lives of officers and civilians are not put at risk and overall ownership cost is kept to a minimum. For this to happen, law enforcement gear and similar tactical gear are made to very demanding requirements. This would explain why law enforcement gear and other such equipment cost higher than the usual gear we find on the shelves.

Granted, for normal paintball sessions, tactical equipment might be considered overkill. However, for those who take part in long play or overnight paintball games, this type of gear might be just what the doctor ordered. They are tough, last a really long time and is quite easy to maintain.

Tactical Holsters and Slings
If you are going to carrying around a couple of paintball markers for 10 to 12 hours, including food and paintball ammo, it would probably be a good idea to have a holster and sling for your paintball markers.

Most tactical holsters and slings are fully adjustable and are designed to fit most markers. You can choose from different type of tactical holsters and tactical slings. Some may prefer drop leg holsters and some might prefer shoulder holsters. Even for shoulder holsters, you have the choice of vertical holsters or horizontal holsters.

For slings, you can select from adjustable 2 point and 3 point slings. Personally, I prefer padded 3 point slings. Some prefer non-padded slings because they are easier to dry when they get wet.

Backpack With Hydration System
For long paintball sessions, a good tactical backpack with a hydration system on board is a must. The backpack should contain lots of storage space to carry paintball refills, sustenance, and a first aid kit. If your paintball session is going to last through the night, you might want to ensure you can stack a sleeping bag somewhere on the backpack.

Although some military backpacks come with a laptop pouch which you can stack at the top of the backpack, I do not recommend you bring a laptop along. I am sure you can go without Facebook for 12 hours or so without any withdrawal symptom showing.

When getting a backpack, make sure you get one that suits your size. Getting one that is too big might make it hard for you to maneuver and cause you to easily lose your balance.

Tactical World Store is a company specializing in selling professional tactical gear. We dedicated to provide the highest quality tactical gear and supply for law enforcement, military, security, fire, EMS, postal, public transportation. Mainly including Military Tactical Boots, Tactical Clothing, Tactical Backpack, Tactical Pants, Tactical Flashlights and more. Shop an extensive selection of tactical supplies and brands, competitive prices, 24/7 responsive customer service, fast deliveries.